Resume of Chris Svajlenka

  • Remote (preferred)
  • Longview, WA
  • Portland, OR
  • Olympia, WA

I am seeking a position that utilizes my tech-heavy skillset to guide engineering teams to success.

Technology I am proficient with
NodeJS, TypeScript, Python, React, Redux, Kubernetes, Terraform, Helm, Rust, PHP, Drupal, Django, Docker, jQuery MySQL, HTML, JavaScript (ES 5,6,7+), CSS, SASS, Linux, Apache, AWS, Nginx, Puppet, Git, Memcached, Redis, Cordova

I like programming. I strive to ensure my code is efficient and effective in its implementation.

I have a high affinity for optimizing and maintaining networks and systems.

Portland State University
I started out majoring in Computer Science, but have since switched to the more business oriented "Information Systems" program. I left the school a senior, focusing more on my career and family.
Wake Technical Community College
While attending, my focus was Computer Science.
Internet Cred:
Code contributions

Check out my GitHub account, my profile.

It might be worth noting that I created and maintain a Drupal contrib module: Upcoming Content.

I've also got some code I've contributed to for the digital asset manager NotreDAM viewable here.

Blog contributions
CommerceHub Sr. Software Engineer II

I was a backend engineer contributing new features to the CommerceHub platform.

I joined CommerceHub's UNITE team to assist the company in unifying their product offerings. I worked using Rust and Typescript in several serverless applications.

Sr. Software Engineer
Engineering Manager
Backend Engineer

I was a backend engineer contributing new features to the commercetools platform. My team's focus was the anayltics dashboard and the audit log features.

While I was an engineering manager, I lead a team of six engineers in what would be considered the Professional Services department of the US branch of commercetools. Almost all of the implementation projects I've been a part of for this company have been on-time and on-budget. I grew my team from just myself to myself and six highly skilled, motivated, and happy engineers in just under a year. I am enjoy all aspects of being an engineering manager. From motivating my team, growing my team both in head count and skillsets to implementing or altering processes.

One of the things I'm proud of during my tenure was building out a proof of concept that helped land the company's second largest contract. Then I aided with the implementation of the production version of the application. It involved working with many product owners from a fortune 50, along with their engineers and architects in addition to as engineers from commercetools and a development agency. This project is live and our code is being executed millions of times a day as a result. During my time at commercetools it was proven to scale to handle over 100,000 concurrent users.

Before I put on the manager hat, as an engineer I was responsible for building out microservices to aid new and prospective clients on to the commercetools platform. I was on a small team to build a feature for the commercetools platform. The feature allows customers to be able to click, configure and deploy microservice-based integrations for their project easily. The frontend for this was in React/Redux, the backend was in Javascript ES 6 via Node. It utilized Kubernetes to manage deployments.

I was also involved in the hiring process for new engineers - running technical interviews and administering and reviewing coding exercises. This involvement in hiring, onboarding, and more lead me to obtaining the manager role I held.

Teamworks Sr. Web Developer

I was responsible for maintaining an existing codebase and developing new features. During the first month of my employment I lead the development group to adopt Git and a feature branch workflow. I also aided in server configuration and deployment processes, such as enabling distributed session storage and configuring a deployment script. I was also involved with configuration of Jenkins, as well as the spinning of up new nodes on AWS EC2. I also helped in hiring, and onboarding new developers. I implemented a code review process using Crucible. I then lead the port of Teamworks' back-end to a Python REST API using the pyramid framework.

Metal Toad Media
Web Developer
Sr. Web Developer
Team Lead

At Metal Toad Media I developed code for various clients. The projects I work on here were mostly Drupal sites. Here's a small sampling of some of the Drupal sites I worked on: FEARnet, InFocus, PVLD, Greenbiz, HerCampus, PECI. In addition to my Drupal work, I collaborated on a large HTML 5 JavaScript application, mGo, targeted for mobile devices as well as television set top boxes and smart TVs. I also had fun writing a small HTML 5 canvas game for Android devices via phonegap. I was introduced to python and Django here and have worked on custom Django apps, including the backend to Ken Burns America and contributed code to NotreDAM, and worked on the backend. I also aided in Puppet configuration and adding new puppet agents.

I left when I was leading the support team. This team is comprised of a project manager, a few developers and myself. We provided extended development support for Metal Toad's various clients. The variety in clients means that the support developers need to have a wide range of skills to help each client with their requests. As the team lead I provide mentoring, technical direction to the developers on my team. I also conduct one-on-one meetings with the developers to help identify stressors, set goals with the developers, and continuing to provide development support as needed.

Ibex Data Systems Web Developer

As a developer at Ibex Data Systems, we focused on a few large clients' sites. Each site had a similar, custom-built codebase that I helped to maintain and develop. All work was done in PHP and I had fun learning the proper way to author jQuery plugins here. Web Developer

The work at development now was specialized to mobilizing websites and building social media sites. The social network engines I worked with were Dolphin, Social Engine, Buddypress, as well as custom-coded solutions. All work was done in PHP and Ruby. I also performed minor systems administration requests for a few clients.
Web Developer
Senior Web Developer
Director of Technology

I worked with a team of web developers to maintain and expand I was involved with updating legacy code, implementing a memcached setup, implementing new features, developing many test cases for our infrastructure. I also had to provide QA for other team members' code and then roll their changes out to the live site once it passed my requirements. I was involved in maintaining the infrastructure as well (bringing up downed servers, restoring crashed databases, helping to roll out significant hardware upgrades, etc.).

As director of technology I oversaw a team of web developers and a system administrator. I ensured the security and overall stability of the FileFront network. I helped to upgrade many of the services running on our network to provide a higher level of security. I managed about 200 servers running a variety of services (primarily on linux or freebsd) - http, ftp, mysql, video encoding, and more. I worked heavily with the systems administrator to set up new systems from installing the OS to service configuration.